I would like to introduce our pay per install affiliate program – PerInstallCash.

As you can see from the name, we convert your traffic according to a rapidly growing system PPI – Pay Per Install. We offer our soft for your surfers’ attention and you will be paid for its installation according to our rates. All soft is absolutely legal, clean, without any odds of malware including spyware, keyloggers and so on. During the period when this affiliate program was tested, some of the big software catalogues rated our application with the maximum of possible points and wrote plenty of positive reviews.

Let’s take a closer look at our applications.

Product №1. Music Player.

gino player promo

An excellent alternative solution for converting MP3 traffic. Everyone who complains about recent downfall at MP3 affiliate programs is strongly recommended to try this application. The player by itself is an ideal item for every music fan. It is music search + player + downloader all combined in one. Any user can just enter what he wants to listen to and in a moment he sees a full list of tracks that are available for online listening and download. As our tests have showed, all users are pleased with this software and they eagerly install it. There also are some features for promotion purposes in the member area – banners, landings and a search engine where you can send traffic from catalogues. Here is how it looks:

You can link to us from your catalogues according to a song’s or artist’s name. After a user pushes a Download link at our website, he will see an animated tutorial on how easy it is to download any track he wants by using our application. Moreover, if there is a track’s or artist’s name in the link that you send us from the user, then there will be the results of his search in the tutorial. After that only the laziest person won’t install this application. All options of linking to this promo-search can be found in your member area.

If you have an MP3 website, you can try our dynamic banners and buttons. Place them on the album or track page, add its name into script and you will get something like this:

gino player text banner 1

or this:

gino player text banner 2
other options of arrangement are also available – you choose it in your admin menu.

When a surfer clicks this banner, he will see a distribution download dialog with the file’s name GinoPlayer_Lady_Gaga_Born_This_Way.exe

Smaller buttons of every taste are also available:

gino player buttons

In addition, I want to bring to your notice that our player is happened to find quick sales in non-related traffic. For example, one of our webmasters put a static banner in his forum that has nothing to do with music. He got 1:1 ratio. Traffic from this banner is not vast, but almost every visitor installs the player and it brings the webmaster an extra income of 15-20$ daily.

Product №2. Video downloader for Youtube and other alike hosting.

gotclip promo

It is much simpler and, of course, there are tons of alike utilities on the web. But not everyone pays for its installation.

Target oriented traffic can be various. This tool surely converts better from software catalogues and blogs, but it suits any subject. For a good reason software with the same functions is always in Top10 on the most popular software websites. It means that everyone wants to save video locally for later viewing or uploading to their mobile devices. Of course our software has its own flair that lifts it over tons of alike programs – the user can download all videos from e.g. a blog page by just one click, multithread download and pause/resume download. There are landings for promotional purposes in the member area.

Just these two products are available at the moment. As you can see, they are rather simple, but at the same time convenient and, what is more important, these utilities are free for the user, but provide you and us with a stable income.

As all our applications are legal, you can promote them only via legal ways.

Adult traffic is not allowed.

These things are prohibited:
- Software installation using trojans, botnets and other automatic methods
- Placing EXE files on your server
- sending EXE files via email
- bundling EXE into your software


Rates are 0.70$ per US installation. Everyone making over 100 installation per day gets 0.90$ per US installation. Other countries installations are paid too – you can check the list here:

PerInstallCash – Rates

We make payments per order via Paypal, WebMoney and EPESE. 50$ minimum, 5 day hold.

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