Let me introduce our new solution to convert download traffic – Link Protector LetShare.Us.
It is a universal converting tool for your download traffic with 100% traffic back. You loose nothing with this tool, but you get a lot of additional profit!
It means that you can use it together with any of your current monetize solution. It acts like a URL shortener: change your target download URL to our and your surfers will go to intermediate landing page for some seconds to see some ads before they go to your target URL. When surfer downloads our product from our page and installs it – you get paid.
For every installation you earn up to $1 according to our rates – http://www.perinstallcash.com/rates

Landing example (redirect to google.com):

Also, Link Protector – it’s just one of the methods of traffic convertion in our partner program. You can find more information about us here: