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Link locker

Using it you can lock any links: links to files uploaded to file sharing services, links to HTML pages with rare content, links to downloadable files like mp3, avi, pdf and others.
In other words any link that browser can handle.

Improve your ratio for video, movie, adult video traffic

We’ve added a feature of using custom image for video player and adult video player promo tools. You can increase your ratio much higher with the help of it . Please, create a ticket with request for using custom image.

Video content locker (adult sites monetization)

We added an ability to use the video content locker on adult video sites. Select “Video locker” in promo tools and switch to “Adult traffic” tab.

Bunch of new promos (movie, adult, download traffic)

More promo tools to monetize your site traffic!
Movie content locker, adult video player, new download buttons.
Check your promo section for these great updates.

Content locker script to monetize movie traffic was added

You can get it in promo tools.

Content locker

We added a content locker script. You can reguest it through tickets.

New promo for download traffic monetization

We added a new promo. Now you can monetize download traffic – File Downloader. Now you can easily wrap a link to any downloadable file into our downloader, change it’s file name and get paid when the user downloads it via our software: zip, rar, avi, mp3, exe, jpg, torrent, iso or others – any type of file will do.

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